A mum has undergone a major makeover after her baby girl was born without her mother’s right arm and shoulder.

The baby, who is named Rosemary, was born at the University of Limerick with a congenital deformity in her right arm.

Her mother was unable to give her the right arm for her, leaving her with only one arm.

Rosemary was also born with a spina bifida and had her left leg amputated.

“She has a lot of disability, I think the biggest one is her left arm, which is quite limited and it is not normal for a baby to have one arm that is not fully extended,” mother-of-two Lisa Kelly told The Irish Sun.

“We had to give it to her in a wheelchair to have the full length of it so it was an extreme case, but I think it has made a huge difference to Rosemary’s life.”

The surgery was quite challenging and the amount of work involved was very, very demanding.

“It is so hard on Rosemary.

She is very young and she needs help.

It’s quite emotional for her and we are all so grateful that we can do this for her.”

The operation was performed on the weekend by Dr David Murphy and Dr Helen Kelly from the University’s Child & Adolescent Rehabilitation Centre.

The procedure was carried out under the supervision of Dr Helen O’Kelly, from the department of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive biology, and Dr Clare Murphy, from paediatrics and children’s health.

It was the first time in her family’s history that the baby girl had a fully functional arm.

“I was lucky that the procedure went well and that she was doing great.

It was a big, big relief,” Dr Kelly said.”

Because of the complications she had in the last two years she has been on a ventilator for the last year and a half, and so we had to take her off that as well.”

At the end of the day it’s about making her happy and she is doing that well.

“Dr Murphy said the operation was a “massive milestone” in Rosemary and her mother-in-law’s lives.”

They are both very active in their community and have lots of friends, lots of support,” he said.

Dr Kelly said the baby’s life would have been “a lot better” if Rosemary had not been born without a hand.”

There is nothing like a baby without a mother’s hand to keep your child occupied, to play and to be safe.

“With her left hand she had to carry on with her life, but her left side has to have some of the support and attention that she has to keep herself alive.”

Rosemary’s mother is not there, so her life is a lot easier for her to manage,” Dr Murphy said.

Rosemarie’s father-in, Sean O’Connor, said the surgery had been “very exciting” for him and his wife.”

What’s nice is that she is now able to live her life in the way she wants to and I think she is getting more independence and the ability to do what she wants,” he told The Independent.”

And she has had an amazing time with us.

It has been a fantastic day.

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