A new operation that is saving a woman’s life has been hailed as a miracle.

The operation was performed on Ms B, who had a high-risk hernia.

It was performed by an American surgeon and was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The woman had a cyst removed from her liver which was caused by a cystic fibrosis diagnosis.

“This was something I was not prepared for,” she said.

“I was really worried about what would happen if I didn’t get the surgery done, and it was just really good news.”

“This is the first time that I’m actually going to be able to take care of myself, and I’m so happy about that.”

It was a miracle, the best thing that could have happened to me, that I could be doing this and not have to worry about anything.

“She had been told by her GP that her liver could no longer function without an operation.”

My liver is a little more active than normal, so I was concerned it would be compromised if I had surgery, but it actually got better,” she added.”

Now I can take my medication and not worry about having it in my body.

“The cyst was removed from the liver and the cystic was cleared up, allowing Ms B to resume normal activities and get on with her life.”

As you can see, I feel a lot better, my appetite is back to normal and I have my weight down,” she told ABC News.

Ms B’s doctor said she would continue to be monitored for her condition and her liver was being monitored.

Ms D’s operation was also a miracle and she was told she could expect to be in remission for at least three months.”

You can’t tell me I’m going to go on a mission and go from there to being cured of a condition that has been there for a very long time,” she joked.”

But, yeah, I’m feeling better and better.””

I am a huge believer in it.

“The NHS says the success rate of the new procedure was 100 per cent.”

This really shows that this is a technique that is effective and safe and well tolerated,” Dr Michael Dickson, a paediatric surgeon, said.

He added that Ms D’s liver was no longer a threat to her health.”

When you have the cyst that we have removed, the cysts are so small that they can be removed by simply scraping them out and then they are removed,” he said.

The surgery was successful and Ms D said it was a relief to finally be able take the medication she had been prescribed.”

After five years of trying, I finally feel that I can do it,” she admitted.”

And I feel like I am getting back to where I was before, which is where I belong.

“”It’s been a long journey, but I am finally happy and I feel that this has given me so much hope.

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