BTS has recently undergone surgery on its right arm.

The boys have also been given a new look.

The group has been promoting the new look with a music video.

It features the group wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, and a black dress.

The members also share a picture of their new look on their social media accounts.

The band released a new song, “My BTS,” on September 24.

The song features the boys dressed up in a blue and white dress with the word “bts” written on it.

The lyrics of the song, titled “Dangerous,” feature lyrics such as, “The next generation, a future that you cannot even dream of.”

The song was released in Korea on September 23.

Fans have been discussing the new song on Korean social media sites.

The music video has also been trending in Korea.

Fans who watched the video posted their reactions to the new image.

One fan said, “I was looking forward to seeing the new BTS look but when I saw the BTS members in a black gown I was shocked.”

Another fan wrote, “They’ve done so much to change their look, and this is the result.”

Fans are also calling the new outfit a “bionic surgery.”

The group is currently undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in their right arm, according to BTS’ official website.

The surgery is taking place in Korea, but it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The organization has been undergoing many surgeries to look more like their BTS fans.

The video for the song has also garnered a lot of attention.

Fans shared their thoughts on the song on their personal social media platforms.

BTS member Lee Hyunjoon commented, “If we had a new video for our song, we wouldn’t be on Instagram anymore.”

Lee Hyungkyun added, “But since we didn’t, I thought we’d put our new video on our official Instagram account.

Hopefully, we’ll get more attention from the public.”

The members have also shared their new style in a series of Instagram posts.

Fans commented on their reactions on the new style.

Fans on social media also shared some of their favorite images of BTS.

Fans expressed their thoughts about the new hairstyle.

Some fans commented, “‘Dangerously’ is a beautiful and fun way to celebrate the Bts debut.

The ‘I’m going to lose my hair’ hairstyle is one of the most popular ones.”

Another viewer commented, “[I] thought BTS was cute for the first time in a long time and it turned out to be a really good way to show people that they can still enjoy the music and BTS.”

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