The procedure to remove the implant on a player’s butt can take anywhere from three to four hours, and depending on how well the surgeon can remove the butt implant, it can take up to seven to eight hours to completely remove the surgery.

That is what happens when a player gets hurt or a team’s star player gets injured.

“There is no procedure that I know of that would be so fast, or so effective, that it would be as easy to perform and so painless as this one,” said Dr. Thomas N. Gartland, a specialist in surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of the team’s surgery team.

“There are other procedures out there that are faster and can be done in a matter of minutes.

But this one takes hours.”

A player’s right side will be covered by the implant, and the rest of the area will be left open for the surgeon to work on.

The surgery involves inserting a small piece of metal called a flap, which has to be removed carefully and firmly.

Once the implant is removed, the surgeon must take care to insert a small needle through the flap, so that it does not protrude out of the skin.

This will allow the surgeon time to work through the muscle contractions and muscle contractures associated with the insertion of the implant.

After the implant has been inserted, the skin on the underside of the butt is left open to allow the implant to flow into the muscle.

The surgeon can then work through a series of contractions of the muscles and the nerves that control those muscles, to remove it.

This process can take about four to five hours, depending on the size of the implants, the strength of the surgeon and how well he can remove them.

After surgery, the butt will usually heal in about eight to 10 days, usually within three to five days.

Some players may have to rest for a few days or take painkillers to numb the pain.

The butt implant is sometimes removed for medical reasons, such as when a surgeon needs to remove an incision made in the skin over a sore or other injury, but it’s not uncommon to have it removed without an incisions to repair.

A butt implant removal procedure is not without risks.

For one, some players, including some of the top players in the NHL, may have difficulty getting the implant removed.

Some of these players may also need to spend more time in a rehab facility for pain, which can increase the likelihood of complications.

Another risk that a player may face is that the implant may become infected with bacteria or other infections.

The surgeon has to remove a small amount of tissue from the implant in order to remove any bacteria that might have been living in it.

It can be very difficult to remove all of the bacteria, but the surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

If the implant does not heal within two weeks of surgery, it may need to be replaced, or the surgeon may have had enough time to complete the surgery and remove the implants.

Dr. Gardner said the surgery typically requires two to three sessions per day for the patient to be able to fully recover from the procedure.

Once the surgeon completes the procedure, the player will be ready to return to the ice.

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