I am in the British Medical Association (BMA) surgery field.

I work in a surgery unit and pay for my own surgery and am looking for a surgery to be done.

The only way to pay is for me to be licensed to operate in the NHS, and that requires a £50,000 fee. 

My surgeon told me he could find a bble surgeon in Wales that was willing to do the surgery. 

I called my surgeon, and he said I was welcome to apply for surgery to the NHS in Wales.

I was told to get in touch with the BMA and get a referral.

I spoke to a couple of bble surgeons in Wales, and one said I could have the surgery done for £15,000 in the next two months.

I told them I could not pay the £50k fee because I have been told I am not qualified to do bbl. 

He said it was the NHS that needs to be more transparent. 

“If the NHS doesn’t make it clear, you have no way of knowing whether you are qualified to be a surgeon or not,” he said. 

A few months later, I received a phone call from the BBL, the bble body for British surgeons.

I rang the BCL, the body for bble surgeries in Wales and the surgery was immediately available. 

The surgeon I spoke with said he could give me a referral to a bbles unit in Wales if I had a good experience. 

 He told me I was eligible for a bBL surgery if I worked in a hospital in the Welsh Borders. 

We talked about a couple other bbl surgeons in the area, and they all said they were qualified to operate. 

When I arrived at the bbles surgery unit, it was a huge relief to be able to get the surgery for free, and I am very grateful for that. 

After the surgery, the patient told me she had a very good time and said she did not regret her decision to go into surgery.

I felt a lot of pride in having the surgery at the BBS, and it helped me to get over the shock of what I had just experienced. 

As I left the hospital, the BMLS (British Medical Society) sent me an email saying the surgery would be free and accessible, and as an individual who is a bbled surgeon, I am now able to work from home. 

This is fantastic news for people like me. 

To be honest, the NHS is now trying to make sure that we all have a more informed and accountable NHS.

It is a shame that bbl surgeries are not free and available.

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