‘Superior to the best’: Chinese doctor makes ‘superior’ procedure to fix nose

China has a long history of nose surgery, and its newest success story could be a major step forward.

The first operation for the treatment of nasal congestion in China was performed in 1884.

It was hailed as a revolutionary technique and one that has saved thousands of lives, but since then it has not been widely accepted by doctors, making it a rarity in the developed world.

And Chinese officials have been concerned about the costs and complications of the procedure.

A recent study published in The Lancet Neurology found the Chinese government has been slow to fund the research, and that a growing number of Chinese doctors have not been trained in the treatment.

Now, however, the government is funding an additional 1,500 people to undergo nose surgery to treat a rare, but severe form of the disease, according to China Daily, a state-run newspaper.

Chinese doctors are being trained to perform the surgery and are now using it to treat people with a wide variety of nasal conditions.

The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and the first patient was given a nosepiece and nasal irrigation tube in 2014, and it was later expanded to include more nasal problems.

The nosepiece is placed over the nose to control the flow of water from the nose.

An artist’s impression of a nose-job in Shanghai in 2016.

In an interview with The Associated Press last month, an official from the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Sciences said the treatment was being developed for patients with nasal congestion, and has become increasingly popular with older people.

“This is a big breakthrough for the health care system, and I hope that this will become a norm for all patients,” Dr. Zhou Yuqiang said.

“I believe that we can make this a very successful procedure.”

The nose-stretching procedure is known as nose transplantation, and is considered to be a relatively safe procedure, but complications are possible.

Some patients are more vulnerable to complications, such as severe infection, infection from bacteria or virus, and infection from the environment.

One recent study found that in China, about one in 10 of the people who undergo nose transplant surgery die within a year.

However, experts say the procedure has a high risk of complications.

Dr. Xu Chengyu, a specialist in nasal transplantation at Beijing’s Sichuan University Medical Center, said the procedure can cause serious problems.

“There’s a huge risk that people might be infected,” he told The Associated

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