The glaucocephalic girl who was born without her left eye is now a teenager with the help of a team of specialists. 

She’s getting treatment at the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Gladys was born with a congenital defect in her left front eye. 

The surgery to remove the cornea was done on her mother, Angela Tobin. 

But the operation was so successful that Gladys’ parents had to take her home and care for her while she was recovering from the operation. 

Her parents say Gladys has had so many good experiences since her surgery. 

They say that she is doing so well that they think they are going to need more surgeries. 

“Gladies has already had surgery for a very minor eye problem, a corneal transplant, and she is already a healthy teenager,” her mother said. 

Toni and Jim Tobin are working with other families in Alabama to help other parents in similar situations. 

Their website offers tips on how to get the best surgery for their daughters. 

You can see Gladys picture of the day she was born on the website. 

In a video on their website, Gladys can be seen holding her mother’s hand, and says she loves her mom. 

For a family that is hoping to get Gladys the best possible eye surgery, Jim Tobins has been giving her a lot of support, even though she has been dealing with the complications that come with the surgery.

“I have been very patient, and I think I am doing the best I can, but there is still a long road ahead of us,” Jim Tobino said.

The Tobins said they have been trying to give Gladys a little bit of guidance and support.

“She’s doing so good that she wants to know how to say ‘thank you’ and that’s just a little thing that I want her to do,” Jim said.

“Gos, you can’t have this kind of life and not have a family, so I just want her all to be happy and healthy,” Angela Tobin said. 

 Gladis eyes have opened to the world as well, her parents say. 

A photo of Gladys and her mom Angela taken two weeks ago, shows the couple enjoying a family dinner together. 

Angela Tobin was thrilled to see her daughter, and is proud of Gladis.

“I love her, and when she comes back from surgery she’s going to look like a baby,” Angela said.

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