In August of 2016, a doctor working at a veterinary clinic in South Korea, Dr. Yoo Jin-sung, noticed that one of the cat’s kidneys had become unusually thick.

The kidney stones had grown to a size that was roughly twice the size of the average cat.

Yee Joon-woo, a veterinarian from South Korea’s Changwon University Hospital, began a clinical trial to try to figure out what was causing this phenomenon.

He took the cat to the veterinarian who performed the surgery.

The cat had kidney stones that were about a third the size as the normal cat’s, but Yee said the cat had lost his kidney completely.

He said the kidney stones were so thick that the cat could barely walk.

The results were devastating.

“It was like a rock in his body,” Yee told CNN.

“The kidney stones would grow up to almost a foot long.

He couldn’t even eat.

He had lost all of his teeth.

His skin had turned gray.”

The cat would eventually die.

In the end, the cat was on a very high-risk list.

His condition was extremely rare.

The surgery was performed with the understanding that the kidney was going to be removed, so the veterinarian couldn’t predict how long the kidney would remain inside the cat.

The doctors thought that the surgery would only take a few hours, but they were wrong.

By the time the cat returned to the clinic, the kidney had grown two feet long.

“When the cat came back to us, we were told that he had two kidney stones,” Yoo said.

“I said, ‘I guess this is the result of a bad cat’s surgery.’

It was a miracle.

The whole thing took only a few minutes.”

Dr. Joon Kwon-jin, a veterinary surgeon from Seoul National University Hospital who worked on the study, told CNN that this is a rare type of kidney stone.

The kidneys are the body’s main source of urine, which the body needs to urinate.

The urine that comes out of the kidneys is stored in the bladder and helps to keep the bladder filled.

When the bladder is full, the urine will begin to fill the intestines.

But the intestins don’t fill as fast as the kidneys do.

“We do know that the intestin layer of the kidney is extremely elastic,” Dr. Kwon said.

When a cat urinates, it can actually expand its intestine in order to collect more urine.

“What happens is that when the cat urates, the intestine becomes stretched,” he explained.

“If there is too much pressure, the intestinal lining stretches and the urine gets trapped in the intestining wall, which in turn can result in kidney stones.

It is very difficult to treat kidney stones because they can cause serious harm to the kidneys.”

Dr Yoo says he will continue to perform cat kidney stones surgeries, but will now focus on cat kidney stone surgery.

“Now, I will also look at cat heart stones,” he said.

The research has been published in the journal Animal Welfare and the Society for Microbiology.

“In this particular case, we could see that the patient’s kidneys are still attached to his body and can’t be removed,” said Yee.

“But if we can use surgical tools to remove the kidney, it would be possible to save the cat.”

The research was funded by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Center for Biotechnology and Biological Sciences.

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