After a year of trying to have her tongue tied and using a tongue-licking procedure to try to help her relax, the 29-year-old woman said she was surprised to find out the procedure actually caused problems.

Key points:Dr Liana McManus is a specialist in tongue tie operations who has been treating people with tongue tie for more than 20 yearsDr McManos said her patients had more problems with their voice, which is usually a major problem for those undergoing the procedureShe said it was important to know the extent of the damage before considering the procedureDr McMenos said she had found out a couple of weeks ago that she had had tongue tie and was having a major operation.

She had previously had tongue-tie surgery about 10 years ago, but said she did not think it would be a problem for her.

“I’m very lucky to have the surgery I have, it was a bit of a shock, but I’ve had it done about three times and it’s done very well,” Dr McManas said.

“It’s worked for me so far and I’m just very pleased with the outcome.”

Dr McAnamara, a nurse who has had tongue ties for 20 years, said she felt like she had been “slapped in the face” by the procedure.

“People have been having it done for years and years and they just don’t get it, so I thought it was only fair that people get the surgery and see what happens,” Dr McGanamara said.

Dr McMartinus said her surgery involved cutting the tongue and connecting the nerves to the brain, which could be a bit scary for some people.

“You know when you have a piece of metal in your mouth and you’re not quite sure what’s happening with the wires?

I thought that would be scary,” Dr MacMartinus explained.”

When I got my operation it was about six months away, so it was all very well planned and done.”

We did a little bit of research on the internet and found a couple people who were having the same thing.

“There were a couple other people who had had it a few years ago and they were quite positive, so that was good to know.”

Dr MacMartinas said the surgery involved the use of a very small incision that was done with a scalpel.

“They put in a small incisions to the mouth and they took out the wire, which was all quite fine.”

The nerves were cut, which meant that they couldn’t talk.

It was all in a very short period of time, but it’s all very minor and all done in a really controlled environment,” she said.

While Dr McAnamaras said she didn’t feel like she was going to get a tongue tie again, she did feel like her voice had improved.”

Now I’m having a lot more confidence, I’m feeling more confident in myself, I think I’m going to go back to work and start working,” Dr MMcAnamar as she had her surgery.

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