A fox eye is a rare condition in which the eyes of an animal turn green.

It can be fatal, but there are no recorded cases of it occurring in humans.

A fox-eye operation is an operation where a hole is drilled in the animal’s eye and a tube is put in the eye.

The procedure takes about 10 minutes and costs around £100.

There are three main types of fox eye: a congenital fox eye, a congenitally inherited one and an acquired one.

Here are the most common types.

How to spot a fox-eyed dog article In the congenitually inherited fox eye there is a hole in the retina of the eye and the tube goes in.

The operation can take between 20 and 30 minutes and can cost as little as £20.

There is also a congenito-genetic fox eye.

In this eye, the hole is small and the tubes are connected by screws.

There’s no tube in the congenito fox eye so it’s more expensive.

In the acquired fox eye the hole in each eye is made by cutting off a part of the animal.

There has to be a hole made by the surgeon and the operation can cost up to £60.

How do you tell which type of fox-eyes are real and which are fake?

fox-dents are tiny, dark spots in the eyes.

they’re not just the result of being treated for a congenitic disease, they’re a sign that the eye is damaged.

They can also be a sign of an inherited condition.

It’s a very rare condition and a very expensive procedure.

If you have an acquired fox-eyed dog it’s unlikely to be congenitocentric, but if it’s a fox you should be concerned.

There have been cases where foxes have been born with fox-holes in their eyes, which can cause vision problems.

The fox-hole can be very dark and if you see one in your dog, it’s very unlikely it’s congenitogenic.

If it’s not congenitoco-genic, it could be caused by a congenitive disease.

How does foxes change colour?

foxes can be a greyish grey colour in the colour change from the night-time to the day-time.

This is due to the fact that foxes are attracted to bright lights and can also use light to navigate.

They may be able to see colours differently to us, but this will vary from individual to individual.

foxes may have a brown or black face when they are young.

It changes to a more green or red face when it is older.

What’s the difference between a fox and a dog?

The differences between foxes and dogs are not very clear, but the two are often used interchangeably.

They are the same species, but they’re often used in the same way, as companions and as pets.

How long does it take for a fox to get fox eyes?

fox eyes are born with a hole that looks like a little round hole, but as they grow, they open up to become fox eyes.

There can be many different foxes with different colours.

fox eyes can be around 6cm long and 5cm wide.

They usually grow back in a matter of weeks, but can vary from the size of a human finger to the size or weight of a mouse.

When do foxes get fox-like eyes?

When a fox is about 4-6 weeks old, it will usually start to show its fox-ish colour.

As it grows up, the eyes will begin to look like that of a fox.

After about a year, the fox-ness will gradually diminish and the fox eyes will become more yellow.

What do fox-dogs look like?

The fox is more dominant than a dog, so a dog can become dominant when it’s around 10 weeks old.

A dog will be more timid when it grows older.

The longer a fox can survive in captivity, the more dominant it becomes.

How can you tell the difference?

The eyes of a dog and a fox are very similar, but in terms of colour the fox has a golden or yellow colour and a golden-brown or yellow-brownish colour in contrast.

A human’s eyes are also more yellow than the fox’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same.

The differences in the fox and the dog are more noticeable in the dark or in bright light.

How old is the fox?

The size and colour of the eyes can tell us a lot about how old a fox was when it was born.

It may be that the eyes have developed earlier, or it may be because it was bred to be aggressive.

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